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Magneto and Phoenix
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This is a community dedicated to the relationship between Erik "Magneto" Lehnsherr and Jean "Phoenix" Grey -- platonic, romantic, or antagonistic. And until such time as there is a community dedicated to Charles "Professor X" Xavier and Jean we are open to that pairing as well.

Although the creation of the community was inspired by Movieverse canon, discussion, fanfic, fanart and icons related to all versions of the characters are welcome here. We are fanfic-friendly and accept both het and slash, although we ask that you use a livejournal cut for anything longer than 100 words and appropriate warnings if your story is explicit. If you don't know how to make an lj-cut, you can find out here. We also encourage the use of a standard story heading (Author, Title, Rating, Continuity, Disclaimer).

Please try your best to stay on topic -- it would be nice, for instance, if one of the three characters appeared in any fanfic/art/icons you post here. Civilized discussion is encouraged, flaming will not be tolerated.

Erik Lehnsherr and Jean Grey are owned by Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. None of us are making money from their use -- everyone understands that, right?

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